Monday, December 10, 2012

Chistmas around here

to be honest, I am not the most festive person ever. Loving Christmas is one thing, be prepared for the Christmas period and being the one to lead it, is another.

Well I have an issue on being Christmassy before the actuall Christmas day, usually we decorate for the holiday's time, a day or two before Christmas day (yes we do). Set aside that in my family, New Year's eve has all the festive tradition, Christmas is a more religious related topic.

Being part of Double Crochets, and having to prepare stuff far earlier off the season, is not something I am used to, and I hardly do it! That's why you won't seeing any Christmas tutorial or anything over on DC's blog. But hopefully I will, next year?

Although I do festive stuff, and here are some of them:
Clean house is a must, I do help to decorate our tree, I choose nice clothes to be my holiday's outfit (like Sunday's clothes) and do eat all the sweets I can, gifts+wishes are accepted and appreciated (!! very festive) and I am doing New Year's resolutions since 2009.(that year was the festiviest I've ever done it so far, I made a handmade gift for everyone in my family.)

Desclaimer: all photos were taken at the aiport, no Christmas decoration was used for this photoshoot!

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas!
the only thing I hate about Christmas is the late holidays' gifts' shopping.....pukes.
marietta ♥

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